“Mission Kehlstein” 2014

Now that I have got Caroline well and truly familiar with the region – it actually didn’t take much to win her over, to be honest – the next plan is to drag her along on what I intend to be my biggest Kehlsteinhaus mission yet. Not just the one day there-and-back, but the full-blown experience.

What this means… A room at the Hotel zum Türken. The walk out of the house to and beyond the Mannlsteig. A bracing hike around the rocky outcrops. Taking the walk down the Kehlsteinstraße back to the Hintereck after the last bus has left in the late afternoon. Photographs of every single blick, bend and tunnel to create the ultimate photographic map book. Something that will make this site indispensable to anyone wanting to visit.

This is Mission 2014. I think you get the idea… Watch this space!

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